HVAC products

Planmix Oy is a multifunctional company in Lahti, Finland. Our main 3 business areas are :

1. Import and sales of HVAC supplies

Our resale concists of the following product selection for the European market:

  1. UAB LIFINATA factory in Lithuania produces Dirt and Air separators for water pipelines. We also produce there welding connectors for heat exchangers. Becide that we conduct various subcontracting industries over there. Ask for more details.
  2. TEMPER factory in Russia produces high quality Temper shut-off and line control ball valves. Temper products are always immediately available from our two warehouses in Lithuania and Finland.
  3. SIA IZOTERMS factories in Riga, Latvia produces  "IZOTERMS" insulated district heating pipes and accessories and  "IZOTERMS" industrial structures. All these products are available from stock in Riga, Latvia.

For more information of our products and services --- Please visit our factory's own websites:


Broshures :

LIFAIR air,  dirt and  air dirt  filters 2017
LIFIN Strainers  2017
Temper leaflet ENG  20170215 PL-T

Our other two business areas are :

2. AA class electrical design

3. Versatile home services in Lahti economic area.

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Veli-Matti Nuutila

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